Florida Macadamias Are Here!

Florida Macadamias Are Here!

That’s right!   In my quest to find & use the freshest ingredients, I came across a great find:  Florida Macadamia nuts grown in Labelle, Fl by Joe Anderson of Anderson farms.

I met Joe at the St. Pete Farmers Market last spring. I told him that I had no idea that macadamias were grown in Florida, he said he hears that all the time. The obvious beauty in this product for Cloud9Chocolates is that I get them within a week of harvest.  It makes a very noticeable difference in my candies.

Beyond just growing the nuts, Joe makes a macadamia nut butter that I am experimenting with now.  It’s always fun for me to get to know someone who makes something I use; a better understanding of it gives me the chance to do something a little different.

So if you’re feeling nutty give Joe a call & see what Anderson Farms is all about.


John Joseph Adams